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Thomas Graham

At the age of 26, Thomas Graham is a name you can find rapidly spreading amongest the lips of the House Music genre fan. Born and bred in Birmingham, Thomas follows a long line of home grown talent that have successfully contributed to the Birmingham House scene before breaking through and making it into the main stream and the head lights of a world audience. With his colab with fellow brummy Pete Graham 'Finding Neverland' being signed to the massive 'Food Music', it looks as though the 7 years working upto this point has gotten all that much sweeter and has well been worth the wait. Thomas Graham has even enjoyed previous success under a former alias on the likes of MOS & AATW compilations and regularly you will find him working in the studio building tracks for not just himself but also other artists in the scene and indeed even penning his own lyrics and get fully into the musical mix. A true all rounder and the 1 to watch for 2014!

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